Explore on your own; bring your partner or make it a total family adventure!  

SEASON 2018-19: A fun new way to experience Palm Springs!

Grab a scooter or two and start your vacation adventure!  

Tour our many Mid-Century neighborhoods and marvel at the huge collection of architectural gems throughout the city. Visit The Hollywood Set homes and haunts. Scoot to hiking trails that give amazing vistas at every turn.  Explore the Indian Canyons and see what life was like here thousands of years ago. ​Take a break and have a great meal one of many of our new and innovative restaurants...and soak up our glorious sunshine! * 

*Start out in the morning, so you can enjoy the best of Palm Springs and grab some lunch as part of your scooter day.  Example: pickup at 9 am pickup, drop off 1 pm .

Then you'll ready for the spa or pool to chill for the afternoon.     That's how this place works man. You're welcome.   -Ed

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Our self guided tour maps will start your day - do as little or as much as you want. Stop and have lunch - we have a great list of places for you to try too.

So relax, you've got 4-5 hours or more to enjoy your day on our scooters.

Check out our Instagram page of scootering sights, mid-century vibe,  and possibly

a bit of history of Palm Springs >>

Yo!  California Residents:

How about: renting scooter to pass your DMV skills test! Special rates. Email or call for more information.

Celebrating our 10th Year!